“Plant trees, lots of trees .” – An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore


Replanting a Rainforest - Sustainable Living in an Open World

“Replanting a Rainforest” is a project providing for the planting and care of indigenous trees in the Minas Gerais and São Paulo regions of Brazil. By working with land owners to reforest land with native tree saplings of the original “Mata Altântica” (Atlantic Rainforest) we both increase nature’s ability to absorb CO2 with the trees and reduce the production of methane from methane producing cows(*) (Dairy being a major regional industry). Cooperation agreements are continuously being developed by Open World Foundation and planted as sponsors sign up, generating a positive social impact in local communities (**) (including jobs, education, and promoting local handicrafts).

Sponsors receive a Carbon Offset Certificate(**) corresponding to the number of hectares (10,000 m2) of land being sponsored as part of a specific land area set aside as a natural "legal reserve" or "area of permanent protection" (***). Exact information regarding location, number of trees, species of trees, and status of the land by topographical survey before planting will be provided to allow for regular monitoring. The sponsoring fee includes the tree sapling, planting, special care during the first three years of tree growth, and a guarantee against any purposeful damage to the trees for a minimum period of 70 years (request sponsorship agreement for details, including forest steward sponsorships for ongoing forest maintenance).

Go to dedicated website: www.ReplantingaRainforest.org

Inspiring Environments in Learning and Leadership

Corporate sponsors also receive significant discounts on our workshops in Leadership, Communication and Environmental Awareness, something we believe helps consolidate and integrate the important results gained from “Replanting a Rainforest” (****); tangible results for the environment, the individual, and the business.


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Trees use the Carbon in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to grow and release Oxygen (O2) in the process, thereby reducing the environmental impact of rapidly increasing greenhouse gases (GHG). Although difficult to measure exactly due to the multiple variables at work, there is a unanimous international consensus that trees are beneficial to the recuperation of the Earths sensitive atmosphere. The table below shows approximate CO 2 (only one of several Green-House Gases - GHG) emissions of activities by metric ton and approximate number of trees needed for offset. In order to provide a guaranteed offset, accounting for trees lost to natural causes and different official estimates, we calculate 5 trees for every ton of carbon dioxide being offset:

Source of CO 2 emissions

Tons of CO 2


One household – average/year (4 persons)



25,000 km/year automobile



5,000 km roundtrip European flight



20,000 km roundtrip international flight



(*) “Methane is the second most significant greenhouse gas and cows are one of the greatest methane emitters. Their grassy diet and multiple stomachs cause them to produce methane, which they exhale with every breath.” Source: Al Gore, www.climatecrisis.com.

(**) Certificates will be issued after planting; 6 – 12 months after signing sponsoring agreement, depending on season. Carbon offsets are calculated to accrue over a 70 year period of growing and are therefore non-transferable.

(***) To compensate for roads, buildings and existing forested area (25% – 45%), each sponsored hectare corresponds to a part of the whole farm, i.e. one sponsored hectare on a 30 hectare farm will be defined as sponsoring 1/30 of the specified farm.

(****) Unexpected things begin to happen to individuals given the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and plant a tree.

(*) Full Executive Summary of the Stern Review: http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk. Enter "Stern Review" in the search window at top right.






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